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Twas the day after Christmas, obligations are done...

About a month ago I picked up a book I'd been wanting, but have not had the time to do much more with it than give it a quick look-through. Now, by lamp light in the wee hours of Boxing Day morning, I'm sitting down to take a closer look.

Textile landscape: Painting with cloth and mixed media is a book by English fibre artist Cas Holmes. I discovered her on the website I love the organic nature of her work in this book. The photographs are fabulous and include many examples of textile landscapes, both her own and that of features artists, as well as pictures of possible materials and some of the processes she uses.

There is inspiration aplenty. I am looking forward to getting back home from my Christmas pilgrimage with family to try some of these techniques on some of the many photos I've taken of Saskatchewan land and sky. I have a week or so left of holidays when I return home. There will be lots of time to play, if I don't fill it with too many jobs that 'must' get done. I am making a new commitment to my art making practice. That's my New Year's resolution, or whatever you want to call it. I spent some time this morning making a few sketches. So, I've started. If I can keep it up over the next week, maybe I'll have a toehold on a daily creative habit.

Now to get back to my book......

Wishing you all a creative moment or two this holiday.

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