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Snow Dyed Results

My third batch, ever, of snow dyed fabrics are finished....prepared, packed with snow, dyed, melted rinsed, washed dried and ironed......finished!

A sampling of the patterns achieved in this batch of snow dying.

In my previous blog I picto-chronicled the process of dying fabric with snow and dye powders. I set up two different bins. One had Brazil Nut, Azure Blue, Avocado and a touch of Golden Yellow. The second also had Azure Blue, then I added a variety of blues: Wedgewood, Alpine and Turquoise with a touch of Jet Black.

It always amazes me at how the results can be so different from the same bin. In the picture above it's easy to see the two blue 'siblings', but the yellow-blue piece is from the same bin as the khaki-looking pieces.

I used three different fabrics. While all were PFD (prepared for dying), there was linen, a Kona cotton and cotton lawn in the dye bin this time. I cut the lawn into large scarf shaped pieces. Here's what I got....

I didn't notice that the different weights and textures of the fabrics dyed any differently. I do like the linen texture, however.

A piece of lined from the blue pot.

My favourite one was a piece in which I had pressed accordian pleats, soaked carefully, then rolled like a cinnamon bun to be died.

This is the result....

I call it "Anaconda". I'm not sure what I will be doing with this one. I'll probably fold it carefully. Stow it in the fabric cupboard. Take it out ocassionally to pat and iron and fold up's hard to commit your favourite fabric to just one project!

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