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My Trusty Quilting Companion

On my way to a show and packed to the gills, Paisley rides to her kennel in a display basket.

This quilting, sewing and creating can be a solitary business, with hours at a time spent in our sewing rooms and studios. I am fortunate to have a constant, mostly quiet, companion in my 14 year old cocker spaniel, Paisley. I got her when I was working in Seoul, South Korea. She has faithfully trapsed with me, enduring long plane rides and moves to various countries and homes. Now that we're newly settled into our new home, she, at 14, is quite content to settle into a spot (usually a mess of fabric) and nap away an evening or a Saturday afternoon.

Lambchop and a piece of quilt batting make the perfect nest.

The only trouble she experiences with the big moves is that she usually comes down with a UTI. Nothing that a little time, antibiotics and $300 can't fix. (I need a broke looking emoji right now). Now that she's 14 years old I try not to think about how many years of companionship I have with this old girl, but just enjoy her presence in my quilty life.

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