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Finding Time Where It's Lost

It would seem that my motivation and initiative is at it's highest when the available time is scant. Quilting and art project plans abound in my head.....while I'm at work, only to dissipate when I get home. Is it because I walk in the door and find dishes and laundry and various errands waiting for me to me done? Then, while I'm at home, I'm often preoccupied with what should be done at work.

This is a funny bit of serendipity that happened while I wrote this post: Getting photos from my phone to the computer (and being able to find them once they're there!) has been a frustration for me. So, a short while ago I had some luck with this and just kept uploading pictures onto my blog "holding tank" that I thought I may use at some point. Now, this Monday morning, as I get ready to race off to work, and am now motivated to blog ... you see the pattern......I rummaged around in this cache of recently stored pictures and found this piece. I grabbed it in a fit of "this will do" thinking....and then I read the quote I'd stamped onto it. Have a look...

There. Some Zen for you and me this Monday morning. Count your moments, as will I. Let's enjoy them all, wherever they are spent.

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