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  • trudigriffin developing my artist voice

After my last show and sale, I committed myself to spending time developing my artistic chops in fibre art. I have some, but not enough to give the confidence I want/need in my art making. This hurdle, and getting over it is my focus for the year...and maybe many more to come.

I probably own most of the tools known to fibre-art making man....or at least, A to USE them! And, I do, but not as much as I want to. I need to make them have a bigger impact in my life other than the credit card receipts proving I've acquired them.

Just a small 'vignette' of my actual artist tool holdings.

True to my intent, I set about 'playing' early in the new year. I dug out some of my hand-dyed fabric, a contrasting solid, thread.....and, oh yah, fabric threads I'd cut off of some fat quarters that I washed and couldn't part with. I also rooted through my stash of Sulky water soluble stabilizer, which is handy when free-motioning over junk.

This sulky is self adhesive and will stick the stuff you are sewing down onto your background. I used a pin or two to help it stick since the threads on top of my quilt background were bulky. I did not take a picture of the threads before I sewed them down, but here is an 'after'.

I have cut away the extra stabilizer and am soaking the piece in warm water to dissolve the remaining Sulky.

It took a bit of gentle rubbing to loosen the bits right around the stitch lines, but it worked well. After the stabilizer was gone, I blotted the extra water between two towels and let the piece dry. I then began the work of embellishing it.

The Sulky is gone and now it just has to dry.

You'll notice the shape of the piece as it dries. The free motion stitching pulled the piece in a bit. Even though I had washed the fabric before construction, I hadn't counted on the stitching changing the size. I was intending to stretch the finished piece over a small canvas, but will not have enough room for this. I am going to try facing it....a process also new to me.

Once it was dry I began to embellish it with beads and embroidery. I watched it become a tree shape of sorts.

The embellishing has begun...

Now the trick is to know when to stop.....I'll let you know when I decide.

Let the play continue.

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