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Taking It To the People

The Elemental Quiltworks shop at last week's Holiday Bazaart sale at the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina, SK.

It seems like it's been longer than a week since the Holiday Bazaart sale. I had taken Elemental Quiltworks to the outdoor Bazaart in June and was looking forward to the holiday crowd at this November 24th sale.

I find the preparation for these days takes over my life as the event approaches. The making, the packing, the planning and then the transportation and set-up leaves we vendors exhausted, often before the event opens.

Holiday Bazaart was a great day. The crowds were good, particularly through and around the lunch hour. I also enjoyed getting to talk to the nearby artisans. As the day wound down I was able to have a good talk with my neighbour, Penny Gabor, from Caronport, SK. Check out her stunning ink paintings at Penny had much to share about how important it is to her to be able to create and what her journey has been, so far, to get her share her artwork with others.

In the week since the experience, I have renewed determination and resolve to move forward in the development of my craft and and overcome some of the things that have frustrated me in the development of my work. (Read: I will figure this website/communication/photography out one way, or another!) I have joined the Saskatchewan Craft Council and look forward to using some of the resources that it offers it's members. I have gotten some technical help with the importing of my photos and will, I promise myself, to get this website stuff flowing smoothly.

I'll see what adventures I can get into from here!

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